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When the Stars Align

Stars Align

Recently, I was trying to explain to my daughters the concept of “the stars aligning.” It’s funny how we take for granted that these colloquialisms are naturally understood and don’t require explanation…until we have children that look at us quizzically when we use them.

In any case, that concept of the stars aligning came up again recently as I was reading an article by Christopher Hosford in BtoB Magazine about the use of social media in the business realm. Hosford quotes an executive from Verizon saying, “A big driver for Verizon is that technology is changing society. It’s changing the way we interact with customers and also creating new business opportunities for our enterprise customers.”

Wow. That quote is almost verbatim what Vivek Kundra, former CIO of the US, said at Ariba LIVE last year. In his keynote address, Kundra emphasizes that technology is more than just a productivity tool today saying, “IT is fundamentally changing the way society operates…”

So, what do these two statements have to do with the stars aligning? They, as well as other seminal research by the likes of McKinsey, IDC, etc. validate that the business world is recognizing the power of social technologies and networks for enterprises. Networked companies are seeing real business benefits including increased sales, increased innovation, cost savings and higher profitability than their peers who are not embracing these technologies.

And, Verizon is just the latest example of a company looking for more opportunities to drive those benefits for itself and for its business customers.

The stars have aligned, therefore, because the vision of the Networked Economy is becoming more and more of a reality.

What examples can you share about how your company is embracing the Networked Economy?

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Rachel Spasser
Rachel Spasser

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