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Tis the Season…to Give to Charities Leveraging the Networked Economy

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In the spirit of the holiday season, we often look to make charitable contributions.  And, in the spirit of embracing the networked economy, I feel compelled to point out the power of business networks that contribute to the betterment of lives in the far reaches of the globe.

For full disclosure, I learned about MedShare a few years ago when a friend of mine became its CEO.  Once I discovered its model of helping to provide much needed medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in third world countries by leveraging a network model, I became an instant fan.  By using a common platform in the cloud, healthcare institutions in the US could donate their excess medical supplies to hospitals around the globe that need them.  The nuance here is that this social technology acts as a virtual inventory system so instead of domestic hospitals sending all of their excess to a hospital abroad where they may have a need for only a subset of them, third world clinics can order exactly what they need and eliminate the potential for waste.

Speaking of eliminating the potential for waste, the benefit to the US-based healthcare institutions is that they no longer have to pay to dispose of these excess supplies…and the benefit to you and me is that these supplies no longer add to the growing landfills across the nation.  So, in the end it truly is a win/win/win.  And, one powered by a business network.

This example illustrates the power of networks to not only connect enterprises in the for profit sector, but also to drive value to non-profits that are in business to improve lives around the world.  So, as you look at opportunities to add cheer this holiday season, consider MedShare and other forward thinking charitable institutions.

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Rachel Spasser
Rachel Spasser

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