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Do online matching services make sense for small businesses?

For many small businesses, securing a few contracts with large businesses is the ticket to rapid, sustainable growth. But it’s not easy to get a foot in the door at a major corporation – especially when you’re making calls, attending trade shows, and sending tons of emails and letters. The fact is, most small businesses operating the old-fashioned way have a hard time getting the attention of the right people in the right places. As a result, growth is slow, and opportunities are limited.

Given these challenges, should small business owners and executives make the leap to online business matching services?  Does it make sense financially?  Is it too complex technically to engage through this type of online network? Won’t SMBs just get out-bidded by larger suppliers that can offer lower pricing?

Consider the experience of David’s Cookies Corporation, a small business that produces a wide variety of high-quality desserts. According to Brent Maloy, VP of National Accounts at David’s Cookies, with a business matching service, “You get access to clients that your competitors don’t have access to… You can set yourself apart and be rest assured that you’re working on something that’s sharp, viable, and a great lead.” His business received over a dozen qualified leads in just a few months and closed a multimillion dollar deal in the first 30 days.

These kinds of results aren’t uncommon. Business matching services can help small businesses reach potential customers with minimal time and effort and then connect with key decision makers and purchasing agents when they are actively looking to purchase goods and services. And in many cases, matching services are simple to use so that buyers can start posting requests – and sellers can start responding to them – in a matter of minutes. At the same time, buyers gain instant access to thousands of potential new suppliers, lower costs by getting multiple competitive bids, and can quickly source from diversity suppliers to meet state, corporate, and other mandates. It’s a win-win for everyone.



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Jeanne Trinh
Jeanne Trinh

Jeanne Trinh is Senior Manager of Seller Marketing and Communications, focusing her efforts on helping sellers gain more exposure and raise higher visibility on the Ariba Network. Huge on seller advocacy, she develops a variety of marketing assets... Read More >>>

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